Solid Rock's Purpose

As a missional community following the teachings of Jesus, we participate in the restorative work of God by:

    • Engaging in our surrounding culture
    • Caring about each other’s journey
    • Discovering wholeness
    • Encountering the Sacred

Engaging culture:  Practicing the way of Jesus, we care deeply about serving with generosity whole persons and whole societies—starting with the people we meet in our everyday lives. Just as we’ve received God’s grace and forgiveness, we seek to extend that grace to other people as we follow Jesus’ example of moving beyond the church walls into the real communities where we live and work.

Caring about each other’s journey:  Recognizing that church is not simply a meeting or a routine, we gather as a loving community to participate in a rhythm and develop relationships with Christ followers in the world. We desire to share life with one another in authentic ways that become a living, breathing, local expression of the global, historical community of Jesus.

Discovering wholeness: Believing that Jesus is the way, we endeavor to learn the ways of Jesus so that we may live the real life appointed to us as we interact with our families and neighbors. Jesus calls for whole-person devotion—heart, mind, soul, and strength. So we commit ourselves to fully engage our emotions, our intellect, our will, and our physical resources as we seek to follow Christ.

Encountering the Sacred:  Celebrating the richness of 2000+ years of Christian tradition, we incorporate the forms of ancient Christianity into our worship that have enabled people to experience God’s mystery and encounter His presence throughout history. We also are looking to God’s creative direction for the future as we include forms of worship that assist people in experiencing God’s transforming presence today.